(Mean Girls)

What’s the Matter with Her?
Well, she’s SO mean (Not fetch)!!!
Okay, that’s easy; Regina’s like, really mean, but people don’t turn out that way for no reason. There could be a psychological explanation for her sour attitude…

This somewhat difficult-to-pronounce disorder is what plagues Regina. Some of the symptoms include:

*Discomfort in situations where Regina is not the center of attention
This is most obvious whenever someone is paying attention to Cady Heron instead, especially if the person paying attention to her is Aaron Samuels (He’s so dreamy).

*Uses physical appearance to draw attention to herself
Regina in Her Jammies
Regina's Peepshow
Regina the Bunny
…You get the picture.

*Expresses emotions in an attention-seeking way
OMG! Regina's on the Phone
This one isn’t super obvious, but yeah, it definitely happens.

*Highly suggestible
While Miss George is rather manipulative herself, she is willing to go along with whatever Cady tells her. New skin cream and Kalteen bars are evidence of Cady’s influence over Regina – which is not questioned, even when Regina cannot fit into her Spring Fling dress.
Regina's Gettin' Heavy

*Considers relationships to be more intimate than they are
Yes, Regina cheats on Aaron with Shane Oman in the projection room above the auditorium (Everyone knows that…well, except Aaron). But this symptom does appear to manifest in the mean girl when it comes to her former friend, Janis Ian.

Does Regina Have an Eating Disorder?
Yep. The DSM-V acknowledges a really interesting food-related psychosis called Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. It does not exclusively eliminate symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa, but instead entails severely limiting one’s diet.

The telltale sign is that she severely restricts her diet, but she still falls in a normal weight class for her age and height. Between only drinking cranberry juice to negative comments about her looks and a Kalteen bar binge, Regina definitely fits the profile for someone with this problem.

Is Regina a Sociopath?
Regina Preys
No. Sociopaths – people that suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder – have gained a lot of attention in the media in the last decade or so. Serial killers and other infamous personalities tend to have this disorder, so the diagnosis brings up both controversy and fascination (Mostly in the form of Law and Order marathons).
Though Regina tells an array of lies with no regard for the consequences or apparent guilt, this is but one of many markers that indicate a sociopath. Regina George is not one of them because most show a disregard for the law by the time they are teenagers. Mean she may be, but Regina is not a criminal (Not even the fashion police can arrest her).

Is There Hope for Regina?
Regina Considers
Regina’s penchant for lacrosse implies that she has found a way to channel gossip and petty lies into aggression on the field. Being an athlete, Regina will probably find her restricted diet hard to maintain, and being less frustrated will probably make her feel that her diet doesn’t need to be restricted anyway.
Regina will be okay.

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Regina's Like, "What?!"
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